The first wearable low-cost technical device helping individuals and companies to lower infection risks by measuring & visualizing safety distances.

Using SENTRY, its wearers and their environment can jointly ensure that recommended distance regulations are observed.

The projection on the floor is designed for indoor use. The distance measurement and warning functions in all environments.

  • SENTRY sensitizes the enviroment by projecting the minimum distance onto the floor in front oft he user.
  • If the integrated sensor measures the distance between two people falling below the recommended minimum distance, the system switches to warning mode.
  • The distance sensor works purely optically and does not use any kind of radio waves.
  • A built-in, intelligent control unit directs the output signals.
  • The shock absorbing cover can be color matched or branded with a logo.

Small but smart

SENTRY can easily be worn around the neck or clamped to clothing with the included clip.

Width: 65 mm
Height: 82 mm
Depth: 30 mm
Weight: 110 g

Simply clip it on

SENTRY can easily be worn around the neck or clamped to clothing with the included clip.

The safe handling of SENTRY requires no training: There is only one button - SENTRY takes care of the rest.

Long battery life - still light

The battery of the SENTRY lasts up to 8 hours in continuous operation and can be quickly recharged with a standard USB-C power supply.

SENTRY warns the user when the battery is running low.

Privacy protection - no tracking

SENTRY does not store any data. It is a stand-alone device that is not controlled by an app or connected to the Internet.

Thus the privacy of the user is protected.

Safe and hygienic

SENTRY automatically turns off the projector when it is turned from the operating position.

In addition, SENTRY also has included temperature monitoring.

The smooth rubber surface of the SENTRY can be easily disinfected.

Fully functional even as a single device

Unlike devices that use Bluetooth or Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to measure compliance with the minimum distance and are therefore always dependent on other users using the same standard, SENTRY is fully functional on its own.

Furthermore, false alarms are impossible with SENTRY.

Branding Option

On request, the case of the SENTRY can be customized in color or provided with a logo.

The projected light image of the SENTRY can also be customized.

Moreover, it is possible to combine the SENTRY with a name badge (e.g. at events or trade fairs).

Technical Data

width 65 mm
height 82 mm
depth 30 mm incl. clip
Weight: 110 g
Distance measurement: Time-of-Flight sensor
Projection: laser light source; 1500 Lux
Power supply: battery with USB-C connection

SENTRY is equipped with a laser module and is therefore classified in Class 2M according to IEC Standard 60825-1:2014.


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