Physical distancing with

SENTRY projects the minimum distance onto the floor and also warns in a pleasant way if encounters are too close.

  • Simple and effective solution for everyone
  • Motivates people to participate: friendly & proactive
  • No confrontational warning signals, no false positives, no radio waves
  • Fully functional as a single device
  • Does not collect any data

Maintaining the safety distance is considered the most effective measure to prevent infections, but it is difficult to ensure in everyday life.

SENTRY helps to keep the recommended minimum distance.


SENTRY projects an area in the size of the recommended minimum distance in front of its wearer.

SENTRY switches to warning mode when the distance sensor registers the intrusion of other people into the projected distance area.

In warning mode, the two distance indicators switch from green to red. Additionally, the laser projection starts flashing.“


The distance sensor works purely optically and does not use any kind of radio waves. A built-in, intelligent control unit regulates the output signals.

The shock-absorbing cover can be color matched or branded with a logo.


SENTRY can be simply hung around the neck or worn on clothing with a clip or magnet.

By projecting it on the floor, SENTRY points out the recommended minimum distance even when other people are still sufficiently far away.

This way, people are positively motivated to observe the distance rules rather than instantly punished for misconduct.

The projection on the floor is optimized for indoor use, where the risk of infection is highest. The distance measurement and warning functions in all environments.

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Jointly reducing the risk of infection


SENTRY helps people who want to protect themselves from infections - but also want to enjoy their lives.


SENTRY increases occupational safety and provides security for employees and customers during infection waves.

Events & Museums

SENTRY SENTRY supplements security concepts. This makes it easier for visitors to comply with the rules of distance.

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