Smart Crowd-Management Solutions

Dynamic control of customer and visitor flows & privacy protection - with intelligent systems that can measure distances and use light sign also to graphically display distance rules in a quick and uncomplicated way.

Problem: More focus on security & privacy required

The requirements for privacy protection at customer touch points and infection control for at-risk groups are increasing.

Adhesive tapes, printed display boards and barrier tapes sometimes offer too little help when crowds/visitor flows need to be dynamically controlled.

They are also not attention-grabbing and often not cost-effective. Crowd management needs smarter, faster adaptable and more cost-efficient solutions in the future.

The SENTRY Solution Idea:

Security solutions that highlight personal protection needs and privacy. Optical sensors measure distances, light signals demand consideration on the one hand and also provide orientation for visitors and security personnel.


  • Light signals attract more attention
  • Lower cost than current solutions
  • Maximum flexibility & effectiveness

SENTRY Queue Manager –
effective, modular system to manage crowds efficiently.

  • Protect individual privacy at counters & receptions
  • Enforce hygiene & securiry regulations at entry & traffic areas
  • Option to combine with screens for infotainment & advertising guarantees attention for valuable information
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SENTRY Desk Station –
highly visible, signaling need/desire for social distance without being rejecting.

  • Enforce hygiene & security regulations in office & production environments
  • Keep customers safe at sales and service points
  • Easy to understand traffic light signalling
  • Optional projection of distance requirements on the floor
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